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Water Damage Restoration

Spring 2016

Our few weeks of spring weather can bring many opportunities. One such opportunity is to freshen the house in preperation for the long summer months as everyone wants to come in out of the dust and heat. And then our Monsoons, which can bring much needed water to the valley here in Tucson, but at times it brings more than we can handle.

If you experience flood and/or water damage give Aladdin's Cleanup Professionals a call at 744-7888. We provide fast response and our certified staff do a professional job at restoring your property.

Monsoons bring heavy rains in Tucson 2011

Fire Damage Cleanup Tucson area Specialists

Fire Damage restoration and Flood Damage restoration have been valued services that Aladdin has provided for over 20 years in the Tucson area. Call Aladdin at 744-7888 for quick response and professional service in cleaning up after you experience a fire or flood causing water damage. Following is a a common water-damage scenario and its insurance consequences.




Scenario: You have a fire at your house and after the fire department puts out the fire, your floor is now covered in water and ash. The smell lingers and you want your house back to where you can live in it with no hint of a fire.

Are you covered? Yes, you are most likely covered for water damage from fire or flood damage.

Our Licensed professionals are the most EXPERIENCED crew in town, give us a call at 744-7888 to get the process of cleaning up after a flooded or water damaged area started.


24 Hrs. Emergency Service

If you have standing water in your premises, a certified water damage specialist should be called. Our certified specialists are equipped with large water removal machine that remove water quickly, minimizing your damage and loss.

  • Cleanup from broken pipes or lines, toilet overflow, storm damage
  • Air movers and dehumidifiers for carpet, tile, structural drying
  • Disinfecting (mold and mildew control)
  • Trained and IICRC Certified Technicians
  • Carpet and Tile Restorative Services
  • Complete Restoration and Cleanup Services Available

1 Hour or Less Response Time!

Drying a home or business is simply a matter of providing the proper amount of fast air movement to force the moisture out of the flooring, walls, ceiling. This moisture is then removed by large commercial dehumidifiers that collect the moisture and pumps it into your drain. Antimicrobials are applied to kill and prevent mold/mildew. This drying process usually takes 3-4 days to complete.

There is a 24 hour grace period before the mold and mildew will begin to use your carpet and carpet padding as a food source. After 48 hours, the carpet is only salvageable 50% of the time. After 72 hours, the carpet is no longer salvageable and mold has most likely started to grow inside the walls and other dark areas that have gotten wet.

Many customers are confused about the procedure for drying out a home. Most think that just by tearing out the carpet they have solved the problem and saved having to call a professional for carpet water extraction. This misconception couldn't be further from the truth. There is still an excessive amount of moisture present that will provide a breeding ground for mold if left unattended.

Competitive Pricing:

Our Prices Are Insurance Company Recognized!

Do you Need us to Bill Your Insurance Company Direct? No Problem! We are quite experienced with the ever so graceful art of working with Insurance Companies. Allstate, State Farm, USAA, Travelers, Farm Bureau, and The Hartford are just a few of the companies we deal with on a regular basis.

For more information,Call us at


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